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Haute Couture Presentation – Une Fôret d’Automne

During Paris Fashion Week, I held the presentation of my Autumn/ Fall 2017-2018 Haute Couture collection in the Suite Royale of Westin hotel. Autumn was my source of inspiration. Buyers, clients, jounalists, bloggers and photographers came to explore my third Haute Couture collection.

The automnal wind blows a pure richness on this collection, with a strong focus on details. The sunny days are over, and a branch is suddenly falling apart: leaves are embroidered on the skirts of the dresses to recreate this atmosphere. The ambiance of the presentation was exquisite; the warm tones of my designs were delicately enhanced by the fresh and sparkling Grand Cru of Champagne Edouard Martin, hosting my event.

Model Kristina Krayt is my muse for this new campaign, she perfectly embodies elegance and candid beauty, the very roots of Sakina Paris’ spirit. She presented one piece of my collection: the fur jacket embroidered with flowers. The collection favours silky wools and raccoon furs which predict the coming dull days of Automn when women elegantly wrap themselves in opulent materials in order to survive the cold mornings, when the wind is getting capricious.

The dress I personally wore was made of silk chiffon pleated by hand, and beautifully adorned with puffy organza flowers. My hair braided up and bare shoulders made me feel feminine, the kind of natural elegance of the typical Parisian lady. And the flowing skirt is a reminder of the Autumnal breeze.

The masterpiece of this collection is the corseted dress made of silk crepe, fully embroidered with 7000 pieces of leather flowers cut by hand. It is a recreation of an Autumnal forest, where the crimson flowers become rusted and yellow until they fade away.

Even though it wasn’t my first presentation, the pressure to present your work to the fashion industry is still enduring along the three months of preperation. My team and I have been working on this collection with the greatest passion and endurance, and finally being able to introduce it during the iconic Paris fashion Week feels rewarding and memorable at the same time!

and hand work are values I stand for. I was please to have my own personalised Sakina Paris chocolates in the gift bag of my guests, made by Duplessis. Which woman doesn’t like fancy chocolates? I love creativity in all aspects of life, and having my own sketches printed on chocolate boxes was such a great idea! Craftsmanship

I feel blessed and extremely grateful for the opportunity to express my vision again during Paris Fashion Week. Thanks to Hotel Westin for hosting my event with such a great sense of hospitality.

Big things are coming in 2017. Check out my Instagram page for daily updates.

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Chocolate: Duplessis

Mousse de Roche - Moussant           36,00€

Crème Perle Blanche                 86,00€

   Contour des yeux                67,00€ 

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