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Cannes 2017 recap

If you follow my actions on my social media, you must have seen my crazy four days in Cannes with my team. This 70th edition was a pure wind of joy and excitement. What makes me feel grateful is that it used to be such a tradition of mine to watch the whole event of Cannes Film Festival on Canal + everyday for many years, and to finally be able to be invited for the first time is a dream come true. What a crazy evolution! Each year, I wait for this moment with so much anticipation: the Haute Couture dresses, the craziness on the red carpet, the VIP parties, the champagne, the stars… It is the most exclusive red carpet event. What better opportunity to bring the glamour on the red carpet?

For this occasion, I decided to be my own ambassador and proudly wear my own creations. My first montée des marches was for the movie “In The Fade”, starring Diane Kruger (who - by the way - won the Palme de Cannes) and I was wearing the best-seller of my collection: the Madame de Guermantes dress, a princess-cut dress made of silk crepe with a tail embroidered with beads and flowers. And a seductive backless cut.

Makeup artist Nora Kourkis created this old Hollywood glamorous look on me. Next month, you will be able to enjoy our Youtube hair tutorial!

For my second montée des marches the next day, I had the pleasure to watch the screening of the movie “You Were Never Really Here”, starring the handsome Joaquin Phoenix.

I was wearing the Vendôme dress from my first Haute Couture collection. It is a princess cut strapless dress made of flowing ruffles of silk organza sewn on the whole base of organza dress into an ombré of white and light pink.

Nora Kourkis created a youthful look and she sleeked back my hair with a glossy finish. There is something of Ariana Grande in this hairstyle!

Cannes Film Festival is a moment of pure magic, and the whole world talks about it for 10 days. I had the privilege to walk on the biggest red carpet and watch exclusive movie premieres and I honestly loved the experience.


Photography: Lyvans and Marleen Serné

Mousse de Roche - Moussant           36,00€

Crème Perle Blanche                 86,00€

   Contour des yeux                67,00€ 

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