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Amazonian Dreams

Yesterday during Paris Couture Week, I had the pleasure to host my 4th presentation, in front of buyers, clients, journalists, bloggers and photographers. I cannot believe how time flies, and how we came a long way since my first presentation back in 2015!

This new collection is a tale of the modern jungle. Nature is my leading inspiration for this bag collection, and a Haute couture dress, made of 425 meters of silk organza, serves as the illustration of the theme. Once again, the color code of the house is prevailing : the vivid red, declined through many hues of vermilion, poppy, coral and burgundy infuse of feeling of wanderlust.

Wild animals are the muse: the snake, the salamander and the spider celebrate life into a twirl of exoticism. The collection - fully made in Paris - values the French savoir-faire. Spiders are embroidered on a soft calf leather with French knots with tube beads, and the center of their body is a mix of glass beads and wool threads intertwining.

The jungle is the allegorical figure of the modern world. Through this bag collection, dream and reality are intertwining. The wild animals recreate an original form of Beauty. The symbol of the Amazonian forest is omnipresent : it stands for the ideal search for the sublime among a world that is free from violence, and that only Nature is capable of giving.

For this presentation, my team and I came up with a very creative idea : we recreated the atelier inside the suite of Westin, in order to give the guests a clear idea of how we work on a daily basis. Embroiderers were stitching the leather with the beads on their “métiers à broder” in front of the crowd which was amazed at the live experience.

Seeing the working process of a collection gives people more valued details about craftsmanship, and how much hard work we put on a single item. Drawings were sketched on live, with chalks and painting kits, snakes were being embroidered with beads and threads in such a celebratory atmosphere that every single guest had a good time watching the atelier scenarios.

The preparation leading to Paris Couture Week is such an intensive ride with not a single day break in 2 months. All the more as the fashion standards in Paris are really high. But the best reward is to have the media crowd praise your work.

Obviously, I decided to dress up in one of my creations. I love this dress so much as it has this long, airy and flowing look. I matched it with a pair of Jimmy Choo heels to elevate the silhouette.

My presentation was so lively, as the cheerful playlist of French DJ Michaël Canitrot was playing in the background. I also felt honoured to have Champagne Edouard Martin, an almost one-century old French house, host my event and treat my guests to their prestigious Grand Cru.

My other sponsor- Au pays de la Fleur d'Oranger- greeted the guests with small bottles of fragrances. Each of them is made by French parfumeur flowers of Côte d'Azur.

Gemology joined the event with goodies of cosmetic serums made of particles of diamonds.

And last, Chooka juices- a new brand of organic juices- served an amazing drink of cold hibiscus infusion that tasted deliciously healthy and refreshing during this particularly hot summer weather.

Credits :

- Champagne Edouard Martin :

- Gemology Cosmetics :

- Chooka juices :

- Au pays de la Fleur d'Oranger Perfums:

- Pictures : Marleen Serné

Watch our Snapchat in the coming days to see the whole behind-the-scene of the campaign photoshoot!

Mousse de Roche - Moussant           36,00€

Crème Perle Blanche                 86,00€

   Contour des yeux                67,00€ 

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