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My Gemology top products

  This year, I had the chance of discovering the French cosmetic brand Gemology which I collaborate with ever since I started using their products. It is wonderful to see how my skin has become smoother week after week. I use to have irritations with very dry areas and the Gemology skincare line is gradually getting rid of my imperfections (sadly, only on my skin ..!) 

  Here is my Gemology skincare routine : 

STEP 1 : The Mousse de Roche cleanser 

  This gentle cleansing foam enriched with green tea and rock crystal is purifying my skin and getting rid of any mark of makeup or pollution on my skin. I use it every morning all over my face and rince it off with warm water. A little trick : add a water filter on your tap to avoid hard water during the washing process ! 

  STEP 2 : the Crème Perle Blanche 

    This cream enriched with White Pearl and stabilized Vitamin C has brightening characteristics on my complexion and gives it an instant glow. It contains a SP 30 UV filter and a collagen booster in order to tonify the skin. My skin use to have these annoying dark under eye marks and the Crème Perle Blanche has drastically undermined them. I use it twice a day, after my morning skin cleansing and at night before sleeping.  

  STEP 3 : the Eye Contour 

  This top Gemology product has 3 characteristics : anti-aging, anti-eye bags and anti-dark marks. Definitely, the key item of your beauty routine after 25 years old. The gel texture is very soft and easily penetrates the skin with some little taps around the eye area. I use it twice a day after my face cream, just for the eye finishing. The more I look at my skin, the more I trust any Gemology treatment. The team did a facial session on me and recommended the best products according to my skin type (dry and sensitive). 

 STEP 4 : The Eau de Diamant fragrance 

  Do you know that Gemology recently launched a line of 3 fragrances inspired by minerals? My favorite is Eau de Diamant : I love the soft powder scent that gives you the feeling of enjoying a relaxing spa session. It is very feminine but delicate at the same time, just like the whole concept of Gemology. 

  Do you wish to book a facial treatment or body massage in their spa ? 

  Adresses : 

Gemology SPA

6 rue Pierre Demours 

75017 Paris 


11601 Biscayne Boulevard 

Suite 312

33181 Miami


45 Souk Madinah Jumeirah 


United Arab Emirates

Crédit photo : Yên Losset 

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Mousse de Roche - Moussant           36,00€

Crème Perle Blanche                 86,00€

   Contour des yeux                67,00€ 

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