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My Cabaret night at Nolinski

  The heart of Paris conceals mysteries, and Nolinski is one of them ! Yesterday night, I had the great pleasure of being invited to a special Cabaret night at Brasserie Réjane, the French restaurant of Nolinski hotel. 

  Over the last few months, Nolinski has become the new hotspot for fashion and celebrity events. I remember coming to this trendy place for the inauguration of the Harcourt photography exhibition (each piece is displayed all around the hotel as the unique overpowering decor). 

  The contemporary aesthetics of Nolinski , created by decorator Jean Louis Deniot, has become emblematic of the place. In the heart of the Hausmannian elegance and national treasures such as Opera de Paris, Nolinski is just a piece of heaven where you can enjoy a great experience of refinement and hospitality, in the middle of portraits of big cinema actors who raise your senses and emotions. I could indulge in contemplation for hours ! 

  On that special night on March 22, we have discovered a unique atmosphere of Cabaret that was so powerfully expressed through a dimmed light of purple hues, a Burlesque set of characters with great energy, and an intimate setting of velvet chairs and candles. The perfect harmony of conviviality and art made us feel instantly enthusiastic about this Epicurean experience.  

   Chef Fulvio Pischedda offered a great culinary experience of French classics : a foie gras with a subtle taste of porto, a fish filet with tapenade and the irresistible Pavlova dessert. In the meantime, burlesque artists were performing around the table through a series of great shows that created a surprisingly strong harmony of originality mixed with Parisian authenticity : classical French songs balanced with an Indian-inspired mysterious dance of sensual gestures, the funny musical performances of Brian Scott Bagley contrasting with the bodily perfection of a silent Cabaret lady who left us in the utmost amazement, the guests were intertwined into a swirl of emotions and visual effects, between glitters, feathers, fire and smoke.  

   Brasserie Réjane is a place of French delights, gourmet cuisine and arty events, to be enjoyed every night from 7pm to 11pm. Special thank to Nolinski for organizing such a pleasant dinner. 

  See more on Nolinski website

Pictures by Yên Losset

Public relations : Emmanuel Sauvage 

Mousse de Roche - Moussant           36,00€

Crème Perle Blanche                 86,00€

   Contour des yeux                67,00€ 

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