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Cannes Film Festival 2018 - Day 7

On Monday 14th of May, I had the great pleasure of doing another "montée des marches" for the movie BLACKKKLANSMAN by director Spike Lee. I was spellbound by the message of his movie, the sarcasm about the white supremacy in the America of the 70's during the apex of the Ku Klux Klan. It is a tale of cultural and racial ideologies - set through a strong tone of humour - through the perspective of a black policeman in Colorado who is resolute to infiltrate the KKK local chapter.

The movie received a 10-minute standing ovation in the screening room of Palais des Festivals and I really hope that Spike Lee will eventually win the Palme de Cannes, 26 years after he last was in the competition for Jungle Fever. The red carpet of BLACKKKLANSMAN was star-studded, and I was both anxious and excited to be standing right after Alessandra Ambrosio, Sonam Kapoor and Kirsten Stewart!

For this special occasion, I was wearing the "Virevoltante" dress from the Black Swan collection paired with a Dior clutch and some Mary-Jane Prada heels. The Couture dress is made of 46 meters of silk organza! I love the fluffy effect of the ruffles that recreate the perfect feather effect of a swan. The 50's is my favorite fashion era, rooted in glamour and sophistication. My makeup artist Nora Kourkis did a dramatic red lip makeup using Tom Ford products and recreated some big waves on my hair for an old Hollywood glamour look. What I love about Cannes is that it is the celebration of Fashion and Cinema, two transcending arts that intertwine with each other to create harmony.

Scroll down to see all the pictures!

Photo credit : Mickaël Chavet and Didier Lefevre

Mousse de Roche - Moussant           36,00€

Crème Perle Blanche                 86,00€

   Contour des yeux                67,00€ 

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