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The Little Black Dress

Rumor has it that orange is the new black. But I am here to put those rumors to rest. Since Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress in 1926, it has become the epitome of timeless fashion. Perhaps the most famous « little black dress » in cinematic history – Audrey Hepburn‘s iconic iteration from 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s (designed by Givenchy) – set up this timeless trend of women sophistication and empowerment. It is the answer to every « What should I wear to…” question from cocktail parties to official meetings. As a concept, the little black dress has even moved on to represent an ideal of a perfectly simple, yet sophisticated object. To this extent, it might be the most versatile piece of your wardrobe to the point that every designer recognizes the need to inject a bit of « little black dress » into his/her marketing.

The concept of the little black dress is a fashion exception: it never changes, unlike the trend-crazed industry. It remains the height of chicness and knows no social, style or size boundaries. Here is my selection of the best LBD looks from the Spring 2016 RTW collections:

Versace experimented the futuristic cut-outs for this season:

Louis Vuitton shaped into life the cyberpunk fashion with ladies wearing moto-inspired dresses with laser cuts that coded like armour:

Celine recreated the 90s long fluid slip dress in pulled-together grown-up style with an abstracted trompe l‘oeil corseting:

Rodarte celebrated the aura of Old Hollywood glitter in its wake , with a complex series of collages of lace, velvet, embroidery, beading, and silk fringing, cut into Victoriana bodices:

Alberta Ferretti took a red carpet orientation: her little black dress had something of a masterpiece, with a decorative motif and elaborated beading work, almost heavy, giving a sense that the dress in in some ways a piece of jewellery.

Balmain upholds a fixation with fit: the body-grazing blazers and body-con laced cut-out dresses revealed curves:

Chanel designed a little black flare dress of sparkling splendor, matched with a 70s leisure jacket. The crystal-decorated creation had something quintessentially, timelessly Chanel:

One color, so many styles, so many looks. The beauty of a simple black dress is it gives you the power to really make it your own!

Mousse de Roche - Moussant           36,00€

Crème Perle Blanche                 86,00€

   Contour des yeux                67,00€ 

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