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Sakina Paris Haute Couture presentation

Earlier during Paris Fashion Week, I held the presentation of my 2016 Spring/Summer Haute Couture collection in the Suite Royale of Westin, in front of buyers, clients, journalists, bloggers and photographers.

Romanticism was my leading inspiration for this wedding collection, and a 5 meter high chandelier served as the overpowering decor.

My presentation started on a poetical note as the playlist of Vivaldi was playing in the background. I also felt honoured to have Champagne Edouard Martin, an almost one-century old French house, host my event and treat my guests to their prestigious Grand Cru.

Visit their website for more information:

Needless to say it has been an extremely intensive ride with this season preparation in my atelier, with not a single day break in 3 months. This super rhythmic, quick and hectic pace towards the legendary Paris Fashion Week is quite tiring to be totally honest… But so rewarding and memorable at the same time!

Obviously, I decided to dress up in one of my creations. I love this dress so much as it has this long, airy and flowing side intertwining with a subtle and elegant twist. I structured the waist line with a belt made of Dentelle de Calais to give a fitted allure and matched my bridal look with a pair of Louboutin Bianca nude heels to elevate the silhouette.

My dress was of course the centerpiece of the whole collection with its bold, petal incrusted silk organza base . I love the romantic cut of it with girlish short sleeves and flower embroideries on the see-through bodice contrasting with the chiffon texture of the petals giving a sense of lightness to the whole look.

My life in Paris- the City of Lights- might have influenced my personal style, and as I grew more mature, and as my collections slowly came into life, I perfected this touch of finesse and luxury in my work, and I wanted my first Haute couture collection to reflect this twist of mind.

This season, Romanticism is my main focus. My 2016 Spring/Summer collection is a celebration of Delicacy and I chose white as the symbol of Hope, and light pink as the image of Romance in order to infuse a sense of purity and candid hope in a world free from violence.

I made my whole collection with a highlight on the beauty and fragility of woman. One of the utmost characteristics of a woman are paradoxically her sensitivity and her sentimental strength, and I wanted my collection to reflect this ideal of love.

My wedding collection was mainly a presentation of designs with pure lines, volumes and delicate details handcrafted on high-quality fabrics such as Dentelle de Calais, silk organza, silk satin, silk crepe and silk taffetas. The most recurring motifs were guipure appliqués on organza bases, and flower embroideries paired with beading work.

I felt so honoured and inspired as I had an opportunity to express my vision among the most inspiring people in the fashion industry. I also felt grateful to have Westin hotel staff as my strongest support. People who are happy and successful in their own light make me so motivated to work towards my own dreams.

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Photo credits: Marleen Serne (See her instagram) / Stephane Graiche (see his Instagram)

Mousse de Roche - Moussant           36,00€

Crème Perle Blanche                 86,00€

   Contour des yeux                67,00€ 

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